January 24, 2020

SECP Company Name Reservation Guide

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP):

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)

is the monetary administrative organization in Pakistan whose goal is to foster an advanced and productive corporate area and a capital market in view of sound power standards, to empower speculation and cultivate financial development and flourishing in Pakistan.

Before starting the company needs a business plan that includes business name, list of directors, total investment of the company, details of the shares, business office location and CNIC of all directors.

We will guide complete process how to register a company with SECP. Once you login in e-services portal than you will see list of process, then click on “Company Name Reservation” as shown in the image.

There is four types of documents in the list as shown in image.

A new interface will be open that is application form for Company name reservation:

These are the following data needs to fill out.

  1. Company Kind: there are twelve types of companies that applicant needs to select appreciated type as per business plan. Normal practice is SMC-Private Limited and Private Limited. SMC is a company that have single director and SMC stand for single member company. Any company having more than one director till 52 directors needs to select private limited company.
  2. Company’s proposed name: Type the 1stproposed name of the company
  3. In case the first proposed name is not available then SECP will go to the second option. Write down the second proposed name.
  4. Type the third proposed company name.
  5. Meaning / Significance of Proposed Company: write down the meaning of the proposed company name.
  6. Complete Company Name: In this row not required to write anything it will show the first option with the type of company.
  7. If the new company is subsidiary of any other entity, then write the complete name of the company. If not, then type only NA (not applicable).
  8. Principal Line of Business: just select the principal line of the business from the given list.
  9. Declaration: this is undertaking that the given information is correct when you continue by default you will be agreed with this undertaking.
  10. Just select the method of payment from the three options, bank challan, credit card or ADC/e payment.
  11. At the last section there is details of applicant, first needs to choose either applicant submitting the process by its own or there is any authorized intermediators (consultant/legal advisor).
  12. Complete name of applicant including CNIC, email id, contact number, mailing address and city needs to be provide.
  13. When complete application form is filled needs to click continue button.

A new interface will be open with the heading “Process Document Listing.”

  1. Update form(s) Data
  2. View company name reservation form
  3. Fil new attachment form
  4. Fil new bank challan
  5. Submit Process

When you click on this process a new page will be open and you can update the data there. Only data entry page can be modified but needs to open all the documents then you are able to go on next page.

  1. Update form(s) Data: when you open the document, previous form will be open where you can modify the data.
  2. View company name reservation form: In this document page will show all data in form shape and you can’t modify the form. Just preview all the data and then go to previous page.
  1.  Fil new attachment form: Here you can attach the required documents. In simple SMC and Private Limited company no needs to attach and document. Just click on the save button as shown in the image and go back to the previous page
  2.  Fil new bank challan: Here it will show the bank challan for printing purpose just click on save button as shown in image and go to the previous page.

5.   Submit Process: when all necessary changes have been done then needs to submit the process. Just click on submit process and it will go to the SECP registration office. Once process fee has been confirmed then SECP will reserve the name for 60 days if its available and will be notify through email.

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