February 5, 2020

New User Login ID for E-Services with SECP

How to sign-up for Pakistani Nationality:

If you are going to start new company in Pakistan as private limited, then first step is to create user account with SECP. We will guide you step by step so you can complete the process by yourself.

First of all click to this link to open the desire page to create the account  Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (secp.gov.pk) as given image interface will be open.

Click on “Sign up for National” then the next interface will be open as shown in image

Fill all requirements as per CNIC by NADRA and details are given below step by step.

  1. CNIC: fill CNIC number without dashes
  2. Card Expiry Date: as per CNIC put the expiry date if the CNIC is for lifetime then you have to put check in lifetime box.
  3. Card Issuance Date: as per CNIC put the date of issuance given on card.
  4. Password: Choose the password which you can remember easily. Use one uppercase alphabet, one lowercase alphabet and one special letter like (!@#$%^&* etc).
  5. Confirm Password: Retype the password same as you type above.
  6. Full Name: Type full name as per CNIC.
  7. Father/Spouse Name: type name per CNIC.
  8. Date of Birth: As per given on CNIC write the date of birth
  9. Current Address: Type your current address.
  10. Mobile No: Provide mobile number which is registered under the applicant’s name also select service provider. Make sure your number is on because SECP will send you OTP to register the number.
  11. Email address: Provide the correct email ID because SECP will send OTP on the email as well to attach with CNIC.
  12. Enter the Code Shown: As letters shown in the box just write it, these letters are not case-sensitive.
  13. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking in the box and check mark will be appear.
  14. Click on the Sign-up button then new interface will be open.
  15. Type the OTP sent by SECP through email and mobile number and submit.

Applicant will receive the confirmation on email and will be log in to account.

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